Walkway Solutions

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Walkway Solutions Ltd is a professional specialised outdoor construction company. 

The Company was started by Allan and Nicky Berntsen from the Coromandel Peninsula in January 2006.

Prior to starting in business, Allan worked for the Department of Conservation and Forest Service for 22 years. He gained training and experience in the recreational side, including building tracks, maintenance of tracks, budgeting, leading teams in the field, health and safety in the workplace and project management. 

Since owning Walkway Solutions he has been able to apply and expand his knowledge and experience. He has a passion for the outdoors and is proud of the work that is acheived by our team. 

It is important to us that our clients experience a team environment where we all work together to achieve the desired results. 

The whole point of our work is to build a track that creates minimal maintenance in the long term, the client gets the right result and timelines and budget are met.


We are recognised as the leading track/structure building team in New Zealand.

We succeed in providing quality results for all clients. 

Our aim is to enhance and create new opportunities for all people to enjoy the outdoor experience this country has to offer.


Our highly trained and experienced team will carry out quality work while following the plans provided and systems we've created. They will also take care to preserve the environment including minimising damage to the surrounding trees, creating drainage to keep water from eroding the track and preventing the spread of Kauri dieback. They are extremely proud of their work.