Walkway Solutions

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As a structural engineer I was looking for a company for my clients that had expertise in building walkways in reserves and difficult locations. It is important that the company have the skills to minimise the impact on the environment and I heard that Walkway Solutions is known for their expertise in this area.

A major strength is their communication. For example, if a problem arose they often had a solution but discussed it with me as the designer first rather than just trying to resolve it themselves. This gave me a chance to discuss possible alternatives to achieve the best solution. This built trust between myself and Walkway Solutions so that I now know that I don’t have to constantly supervise to get the desired result.

Walkway Solutions are also well known for staying to their programmes and budgets and very rarely require extensions of time and variations to the budget. This makes projects constructed by Walkway Solutions very easier to plan and manage.

If you are considering using their services for Tracks and Outdoor Visitor Structures I would highly recommend them.

 Andrew Mackenzie

Stellar Projects Auckland